pip_services3_components.log.LogLevel module


Log level enumeration


Conceptual Vision Consulting LLC 2018-2019, see AUTHORS for more details.


MIT, see LICENSE for more details.

class pip_services3_components.log.LogLevel.LogLevel

Bases: object

Standard log levels.

Logs at debug and trace levels are usually captured only locally for troubleshooting and never sent to consolidated log services.

Debug = 5

Logs everything up to high-level debugging information

Error = 2

Logs all errors - fatal or recoverable

Fatal = 1

Logs only fatal errors that cause microservice to fail

Info = 4

Logs errors and important information messages

Nothing = 0

Nothing to be logged

Trace = 6

Logs everything down to fine-granular debugging messages

Warn = 3

Logs errors and warnings