pip_services3_components.lock.MemoryLock module

class pip_services3_components.lock.MemoryLock.MemoryLock

Bases: pip_services3_components.lock.Lock.Lock

Lock that is used to synchronize execution within one process using shared memory.

Remember: This implementation is not suitable for synchronization of distributed processes.

### Configuration parameters ###
  • options:
    • retry_timeout: timeout in milliseconds to retry lock acquisition. (Default: 100)


lock = MemoryLock()
lock.acquire_lock("123", "key1", None, None)
# processing
lock.release_lock("123", "key1")
release_lock(correlation_id: Optional[str], key: str)

Releases the lock with the given key.

  • correlation_id – not user.

  • key – the key of the lock that is to be released.

try_acquire_lock(correlation_id: Optional[str], key: str, ttl: int)

Makes a single attempt to acquire a lock by its key.

It returns immediately a positive or negative result.

  • correlation_id – (optional) transaction id to trace execution through call chain.

  • key – a unique lock key to acquire.

  • ttl – a lock timeout (time to live) in milliseconds.


receives a lock result.