pip_services3_components.config.IConfigReader module


interface for configuration readers


Conceptual Vision Consulting LLC 2018-2019, see AUTHORS for more details.


MIT, see LICENSE for more details.

class pip_services3_components.config.IConfigReader.IConfigReader

Bases: abc.ABC

Interface for configuration readers that retrieve configuration from various sources and make it available for other components.

Some IConfigReader implementations may support configuration parameterization. The parameterization allows to use configuration as a template and inject there dynamic values. The values may come from application command like arguments or environment variables.

add_change_listener(listener: pip_services3_commons.run.INotifiable.INotifiable)

Adds a listener that will be notified when configuration is changed


listener – a listener to be added.

read_config_(correlation_id: Optional[str], parameters: pip_services3_commons.config.ConfigParams.ConfigParams)pip_services3_commons.config.ConfigParams.ConfigParams

Reads configuration and parameterize it with given values.

  • correlation_id – (optional) transaction id to trace execution through call chain.

  • parameters – values to parameters the configuration or null to skip parameterization.


ConfigParams configuration.

remove_change_listener(listener: pip_services3_commons.run.INotifiable.INotifiable)

Remove a previously added change listener.


listener – a listener to be removed.