pip_services3_components.Component module


Component implementation


Conceptual Vision Consulting LLC 2018-2019, see AUTHORS for more details.


MIT, see LICENSE for more details.

class pip_services3_components.Component.Component

Bases: pip_services3_commons.config.IConfigurable.IConfigurable, pip_services3_commons.refer.IReferenceable.IReferenceable

Component class implementation. Abstract component that supportes configurable dependencies, logging and performance counters.

### Configuration parameters ###
  • dependencies:
    • [dependency name 1]: Dependency 1 locator (descriptor)

    • [dependency name N]: Dependency N locator (descriptor)

### References ###
  • *:counters:*:*:1.0 (optional) ICounters components to pass collected measurements

  • *:logger:*:*:1.0 (optional) ILogger components to pass log messages

  • *:tracer:*:*:1.0 (optional) ITracer components to record traces

  • References must match configured dependencies.

configure(config: pip_services3_commons.config.ConfigParams.ConfigParams)

Configures component by passing configuration parameters.


config – configuration parameters to be set.

set_references(references: pip_services3_commons.refer.IReferences.IReferences)

Sets references to dependent components.


references – references to locate the component dependencies.